scarlxrd - False Hxpe.

scarlxrd - False Hxpe.
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Текст песни
Uh, hope forever
Ayo Shoki, this go crazy
See, doing me is easy
Doing me is the easiest part, nigga
Shut me down all you fucking like, my G
Doing me is simple, simple tings, pay it bitch
Fucking pussy, Sca-
See the digits, gotta really get it
Fuck a disadvantage, we already ready
Fixing all the damage, I'ma send them plenty
My jaw automatic, fuck a semi, semi
Man I'm so ecstatic but I keep it steady
Wanna bet about it, I got plenty, plenty
I done said I'm timeless back in 2020
I'm still undecided but I'm really heavy
Whose heads coming off? Aim then I'll tell you
I ain't lost the sauce, shit is in my nature
Pray for those I've lost, real life will change you
L's are mixed with dubs, success feels like failure